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With the help of our professional ghostwriter services, you can convey your experience and transform your thoughts into compelling words to make a lasting literary impression. Hire one of our experienced ghostwriters to produce a thought-provoking and compelling book and start your path to becoming a best-selling author.

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It’s our goal to give you all the support you need to make your ideas a success by creating a financially feasible publication that conveys its message in the manner and with the recommendations of a book. Our expert ghostwriting services can be useful whether you have a manuscript or a brilliant idea.

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How does a good book turn into an excellent story? There is an easy solution. A great writing team produces a great book. Whether you're a first-time or a seasoned author, regardless of genre, Global Ghost Writers experienced ghostwriters in USA and book publishing professionals can help bring your narrative to life. We provide the best book writing services in USA.
Our ghost writing services in USA are capable of handling both unprinted manuscripts and printed publications. It all began with a bunch of accomplished and well-known ghostwriters. With skill and expertise, our ghost writers in USA can write fiction, nonfiction, technical writing, and more.
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Memoir Writing

Everyone has a story,
put yours there with us.


Autobiography Writing

Your life story captured
flawlessly on pen and paper.


Biography Writing

Biography—history seen through
the prism of a person.


Nonfiction Writing

Keeping it factual
but with a sprinkle of magic.


What is a ghostwriter?

A client and a ghostwriter work together to create a book based on the client’s ideas, voice, and vision. The customer publishes the book under their name once the ghostwriter completes the research and writing. The client keeps the copyright; since you paid, you are the rightful owner of the work! Although the client and ghostwriter occasionally agree to share author credit, the ghostwriter is generally not given credit as an author.

Is ghostwriting considered ethical?

Although ghostwriting is morally ethical by nature, there are specific circumstances in which it might turn unethical. The most prominent instance is when ghostwriters are employed in the context of academic research or study. In these situations, papers and presentations bearing the names of people who did not complete the work are published.

How long does a ghostwriting project take?

Projects will all have different timelines. The time it takes to ghost-write a book can range anywhere from three months to a year, to give you an estimate. Non-fiction books often take 4-6 months to write, while fiction books typically take 10–12 months. Let us know when you need something done, and we’ll be available at your service!

Is there a guarantee for my book to get published?

Although we assist clients in getting published, we caution those who seek ghostwriting assistance that there are never any publication promises. Despite being experienced, published ghost writers, we cannot convince publishers to accept our novels if there is no market for them. What we can guarantee is that investing in ghostwriting will significantly increase your chances of publication, and we only take on projects that we are confident in.