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Published authors can utilize their author websites as an online presence to interact with their target market, sell books to website visitors, and strengthen their book marketing and author branding. Having an author website puts you on an equal footing with almost every other published writer in the modern era, regardless of whether you write best-selling nonfiction, have a history of publishing children’s books on your own, or are ready to release your first book series.

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The pen is mightier than the sword, and authors are a living example of this saying. Unlike other heroes, writers fight and gloriously win their battles with the most powerful weapon—a pen. While their battles may seem easier, it is far from it.

Authors give their best shots and more to climb the success ladder. If you are an author who is gradually making their way to the top and need some assistance, you may need to hire an author website design service.

Author website design services are amenities that cater to custom book author website design to help authors and their books expand their reach.

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To thrive, authors don’t just need to write amazing books; they also need to constantly employ various strategies to make sure they appeal to the audience as an individual personality. If they succeed in doing so, it can be brilliant for boosting the reads and sales of their books.

Do you want to hire author website designers? We have the top author website designers for you. At Global Ghost Writers, we take pride in having the best author website designers on board. Our team of top author website designers easily stands out from the rest, thanks to their impeccable website design services for authors.

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Global Ghost Writers has been offering web design services for authors for quite some time now and has gradually become the best in the business. We aren’t your usual web design services; we don’t just design websites—we take pride in designing eye-catchy websites for authors.

Our team of website designers for authors consists of experienced tech professionals who have extraordinary attention to detail and design skills beyond your imagination. Besides making sure that we design visually appealing websites, our website designers for authors also keep a keen eye on making your author’s website as user-friendly as possible.

Team up with us today to experience what a top-tier designing website for authors looks like.


Marketing Tactic

Author website design is often part of our marketing schemes and can drastically boost an author’s reputation, that’s why our experts recommend clients to go for it.


Designing Begins

After we discuss the pros of owning an author’s website with our client, our team of expert web designers start designing and developing the author’s site.



Do you need some changes in the user interface? Or need some quick modifications in the design? Whatever the changes are, we will handle them before finalizing it.


Final Touches

After the website is designed, we’ll produce optimized content for your website to help you rank higher on SERPS. Once that’s handled, the website goes live.


What is an author's website?

An author’s website is a website designed specifically for an author to promote their work, communicate with readers, and provide information about their books, events, and other related content. It typically includes a homepage, an about page, a blog, a list of books, a contact page, and links to social media profiles.

Why create an author's website?

Creating an author’s website can be a valuable tool for promoting your work, building your brand, and connecting with readers. It provides a central hub for readers to find information about your books, events, and other related content. Author website design services are one of the most popular amenities for creating an author’s website.

How much does custom book author website design cost?

Website design services for authors vary from company to company and depend on the diverse author website design services. Generally, custom book author website design can come in various pricing plans, which entail diverse packages. However, keep in mind that they aren’t as pricey as you think they are; many companies offer affordable prices.

When should authors start an author's website?

Authors should start an author’s website as soon as they begin publishing their work or have a manuscript that they plan to publish. Having a website can help establish their online presence and build their brand even before their book is published. It can also help them connect with readers, build a following, and promote their work.