Refund and Revision Policy

We take customer feedback seriously at Global Ghost Writers; our top priority is their satisfaction. Our qualified team of talented writers is committed to delivering exceptional work, and we strive to deliver outstanding customer service consistently.

Regarding high-end customer service, Global Ghost Writers offers a streamlined revision process that guarantees your finished product is exactly what you envisioned, keeping in mind all your requirements when placing an order with us.

Our revision policy emphasizes your requirements, ensuring they are catered to, and ensuring all quality control aspects, including editing and proofreading, have been conducted clearly and concisely. However, customers must engage with their freelancer during their project, ensuring everything is done to their liking and meeting all expectations. The revision policy is designed to work collaboratively with you. Your involvement and participation are of utmost importance to the revisions process’s success.

Revisions and Our Policy

We are aware of our client’s busy schedules. We want you to spend as little time reading through our policies as possible because we want them to be simple to grasp. Below is a list of our revision policy’s main points. You can read on to see the complete policy if you require any additional details.

Policy Overview/ Summary

  • All order requirements must be submitted before the project begins to ensure that your writer has the tools and knowledge necessary to complete it to your satisfaction.
  • Our standard revisions, which come with each eligible package, guarantee that the customer’s initial requirements are followed and satisfied.
  • The insertion of new content is not included in standard revisions. Anything not specified in the requirement, outline, or communication before the writer started the project is considered new material.

Refunds and Our Policy

If the need for a refund and/or cancellation arises, your first step should be to contact our Customer Care team via email at either ([email protected] or [email protected]. We would be more than happy to provide help.

Below is a summary of our revision policy in point form.

Policy Overview/ Summary

  • We do not offer complete refunds on orders a team member has started working on on our Platform to ensure they are adequately compensated for their work. This includes work that has been started but has not yet been finished, as well as work that has been completed but has not yet been fulfilled.
  • Only in cases where the project has not yet started can full refunds be given. Please be aware that if any work on your project has already begun, only a portion of your payment will be refunded, and the amount will depend on the writer’s development.
  • Case-by-case decisions are made with the refund requests we receive.