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Nothing beats the feeling of touching a child’s bright mind by writing a children’s book. These little minds are unlike us; their imagination knows no bounds, and they are always ready to escape the mundane. That is why kids’ book writing is so imperative. Writing children’s books requires a lot more than regular book writing.

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Are you considering switching up your writing style? Are you thinking of writing a kid’s book? If you’re nodding your head yes, then you’ll be pleased to know that we can help you with this new adventure. While book writing varies from genre to genre, the target audience also impacts the book writing style.

As a result, it’s no secret that capturing children’s attention through books isn’t an easy task. However, once you master this art, you can become unbeatable in kid’s book writing. Become a pro in writing a kid’s book with our children’s book writing services.

Weave tales that take every child on an unimaginable journey with Global Ghost Writers’ outstanding children’s book writing services and a team of writers.

Although the writing bit in books is crucial, it still needs some final touches after the writing part is finished. Just like a present must be intricately wrapped up before the masterpiece within is unwrapped, books also need to be treated in the same way. So, your children’s books need some finishing in the form of a children’s book cover design.

Young minds aren’t interested in reading huge chunks of text; they want to see beautiful visuals. That’s where children’s book illustration comes in. Our artistic team of children’s book illustrators do all the hard work for you and present you with breathtaking visuals that do justice to the contents of your book.

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Many books, especially children’s books, need to contain appealing book illustrations and book covers. Unlike other types of books, children’s books must include some eye-catching visuals to keep the children engaged and occupied. Apart from visuals to support the story, children’s book also has jaw-dropping covers.

That’s because, at the end of the day, children often read books that have gripping covers. If you need help with designing any of these visuals for your children’s book, our book cover designer and team of children’s book illustrators are here at your service.

At our ghostwriting firm, we take pride in working closely with our clients, which means we won’t just present you with random book covers and illustrations. Our book cover designer will get a deep understanding of your work first and then create a book cover respectively.

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Initial Requirements

Initial communication is established, during which we get a thorough understanding of the client’s requirements so that we can start working on writing a children’s book.


The Writing Process

Here’s when you take the backseat as our ghostwriters take matters into their own, effortlessly penning down your children’s book while ensuring all requirements are met.


Book Cover/ Illustration Design

After completing your book and ensuring it’s approved by you, our design team uses their creative minds and artistic hands to design book covers and illustrations.


Final Changes

Unlike other ghostwriting companies, our experts make sure every bit of your children’s book exceeds your expectations. That’s why we instantly cater to revisions, if any.


What makes a children's book illustration brilliant?

There are different things that can impact a children’s book illustrations, but the most important factor is how appealing it is. So, you need to create illustrations that just keep the young minds reading it engaged in every way possible. As a result, make them gripping and memorable.

How long should a children's book be?

Considering these books are written for a younger audience and contain more visuals and less text, it is likely to be 30 to 50 pages max. Since children need to read these books, it has to be shorter and should contain more white spaces to avoid making the book look too much to read.

What size font is used for children's books?

Generally, a font size of 11 or 12 is used for books, given their target audience is adults. However, for children’s books, larger font size is recommended to establish readability amongst younger age groups. For further information, you can get in touch with our experts.

What are the significant aspects of a children's book?

When writing children’s books, certain things need to be emphasized. For instance, you should be focusing on the storyline. For example, despite being a children’s book, you need to write stories that children can connect with and understand. Moreover, the characters should also be represented, keeping this in mind.